Just stumbled upon this post saved-in-draft and suddenly, am in dire need of a holiday to a colder climate. Food tastes better when it's cold outside, fashion is far more fun when there's layers involved, and the scenery so much more varied everywhere other than our own tiny concrete island.

Osaka 2012. Take me back. 

Photo credit: plongin

72 hours in Phuket

I love Thailand, don't you? The people are wonderful, the food is incredible, and there's so much to do and see -- a lot of varied landscape from the hustle of Bangkok (you can check out my recs for Bangkok here) to the beautiful white-sand beaches of Phuket, to the cool climate of Chiang Mai.

P and I have been up to Phuket twice this year already (these pics were from the birthday trip waaaaaay back in March), and we're thinking of round 3 in December - his family loves it, my family loves it, all our friends love it, so though we hardly ever make formal plans to go, we somehow always end up there.  It's close enough (just over an hour flight), cheap enough (when you score deals on budget), and always awesome, so there's little reason not to go when invited. A friend recently asked for a list of recommendations, or the places we always hit up while we're there, and though I didn't manage to get back to her before her trip, I thought I'd put them up here anyway.

The list isn't long, we spend most days holed up in the villa, sleeping, sunning and eating the food prepared by the in-house chef -- it's a lot easier than always eating out as it isn't as easy to get around Phuket as say, Bali -- but the establishments below have never, ever failed to impress food-wise. So they're definitely worth a visit.

Eat+Drink: Twinpalms Sunday Brunch Buffet // Raya for Thai Food // Ka Jok See for Thai Food and an excellent night out // Acqua for superb Italian // Prawn Mee at Mee Ton Poe, a hole in the wall diagonally opposite the Metropole // Drinks at Sunset at Baba Nest, Sri Panwa

Stay: At a private villa if possible (there's a whole bunch of options here), alternatively, I've always heard rave reviews about Trisara, Sri Panwa, Aman Puri and Twin Palms