Give and Take

I have a theory about years. There are good ones and bad ones – you can’t make the bad ones better, so you just have to focus on being very grateful for the good ones when they’re around. For the most part, the majority of years in my life have been very, very good. So good in fact that when a bad one comes along I feel it (though I seldom remember the exact details) with painful clarity even years and years later, and have a great distaste for the numbers.. 1999 was bad, as was 2005, and then again in 2010. I will never buy wine from those years (even if Robert Parker says it’ll make me a millionaire) because I’ll have to look at the damn label with those damn numbers, and why would anyone want to torture themselves that way. Perhaps it’s cyclical – something that needs to happen every 5-6 years or so – God’s way of reminding you to be grateful for what you’ve got. Or maybe it’s a function of my own mentality – things are sooo good for soooooo long that when a hiccup comes along I tend to go to pieces (which results in unfortunate folks like ADT having to spend time picking up and patching me back together). I hope it isn’t the latter but who knows?

Either way, given that it has been a very good year, I have even more than usual to be thankful for. In case you haven’t figured it out yet – I’m in a new job (hurrah!) – one with better hours, better pay, and perhaps better prospects (we’ll have to wait and see with the last one). So that settles the work front. On the life front, my family is happy and healthy, my friends are (mostly) in good places in their lives, and my own love life is plodding along quite merrily though I do wish people would stop asking us when we’re getting married. Life is good. Really good. And I have so much to give thanks for.

Last Sunday Paul and I hosted thanksgiving with our friends and at one point someone said to me “you know Ashley, you really should think about doing this for a living” as they gestured around the room filled to the brim with 50 folks, eating, drinking and making merry, catching up with old friends and making new ones, admiring the flowers I arranged, enjoying the menu I selected and the company that I carefully seated them beside. But I suppose the question is would I still like it if I had to do it full time? Would it be as fun if my living depended upon it?

K asked if I would plan her engagement party. J asked if I would plan her wedding. Someone else asked if this was a practice run for my own.

So on the passion, talent and purpose front – well, I’m not quite there yet, but maybe it’s moving in that direction. I don’t know. We’ll have to see how it goes.


But for now, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Life is all about give and take, so today let’s remember to give thanks and take nothing for granted.

p.s. until I get around to uploading the pictures you'll be able to find some from Sunday on the hashtag #thnksgvng12 on instagram.