A New York Minute

That's how fast time has flown since Christmas break with the family in the big apple. It was an absolute blur of work, crazy deadlines, major events, late nights, social engagements and celebrations, and now it's CNY, the week after, skiing, thereafter it’s back to work in a reshuffled team, more deadlines and a slew of events, and then it's easter... days collide into weeks into months and suddenly it's the next year. As Seuss said how did it get so late so soon? And with the head long rush into the future (whatever that might mean) comes the ever present need for things to move faster, be completed, so we can move on to the next big thing.

It’s tiring, and it’s this ever present rush and the accompanying lack of patience that makes me appreciate weeks like the one in NY the most. Quiet time alone, meals with family and friends, sitting around the kitchen counter having coffee and catching up, long, languid late night dinners, afternoons spent roaming the galleries and museums, or hiding inside from the cold reading actual books – rather than articles on the internet. It felt like I had pressed the pause button in life – it was peaceful, serene and I didn’t feel bad about turning down social engagements just to recharge (whenever I’ve tried telling friends I want a quiet Friday night in with my pet and my husband, I am almost always met with crazy raised eyebrows).

The other epiphany – it’s in those moments when you have time to think that you create the most “valuable” things – forging new connections with old acquaintances, rehashing an idea in your mind till it’s properly crystallized, or simply coming into new realisations about who you are, and what you’d like for your life to look like, and I know this much: I’d like my life to look like more than my primary school pet hamster on a wheel of work-dinner-drinks-holiday-work-clean the house-social engagement-work…. My hamster didn’t last very long.

It’s not the new year, but resolutions can be made at any time (so long as you do try to stick with them). So here goes: I will take time to think things through to create a life that is most worth living.