Girls-only dinners.

Are very good for you.  Assuming you're a girl of course -- that being said, I'm fairly certain most guys would think it's good for them too, a chance to take a break from the girlfriends and wifeys (I'm trying to wrap my head around this word - I have no idea why anyone uses it, what's wrong with good, old fashioned, dignified "wife"? Wifey sounds like a pet) and watch soccer, or whatever it is that guys do when their better halves aren't around.

Jia offered to host this dinner with just the bunch of girls and there were a few main takeaways from an evening that was overflowing with good conversation, riotous laughter and baked fish (among other tasty things on the table).

  1. Girls-only dinners are very good for you. I'm not gonna go all Girls, Sex and the City, or Clueless on you, but there are definite perks to having dinner sans the other halves once in a while, or once in very often. I want a repeat of this every other week. Conversation topics run from the mundane to the outright insane, and it's hard to replicate in any other environment. 
  2. My cooking chops are in dire need of some serious brushing up - not that this is a competition or anything - but I'm woefully ashamed of my inability to bake a beautiful tomato and goat cheese tarte, from scratch at that, and one that is all healthy and good for you. Healthy isn't really a word that exists in my culinary vocabulary - mostly cos I've (falsely) believed that anything healthy can't possibly be tasty.... But it can! As Alex has well and justly proven. 
  3. Having your own space as a young couple is just so. damn. important. The more I hang out at Jia's the more I realize that young couples really can't do without the privacy afforded by a home of your own. It isn't so much her generous kitchen (though I'd love that too), or the large communal dining table (that wouldn't hurt either), or the way the whole space in bathed in beautiful natural light through the airwell... It's more the ability to have friends over in your own home. Cook, entertain, make a family, build relationships, create a space that's uniquely yours.
  4. [Speaking of which, if you enjoy homey things, you'll want to check out Raedysethome. It's adorable, it also so accurately captures in pictures, the sentiment I'm trying to express]

Anyway, that's it for the random ass update on my life. Happy midweek homies. Be sure to check out Raedysetwed's adorable tea ceremony pictures on Wedley!