Tory, in all her glory.

Photo credit: Forbes

Photo credit: Forbes

T Burch gets a lot of press these days, and for very good reason - she made it to the billionaire benchmark before 50 and in less than a decade since founding her line. To say that I'm fairly impressed with this self-professed lifestyle maven would be putting it lightly.

Earlier this week I missed the chance to meet with her international head honcho of PR and press related things which ... well... makes me rather unhappy... but what's a girl to do? There's work. to. be. done. and as much as I'd like to abandon ship and blog/write for a living, the corporate world holds great appeal -- namely, a steady paycheck and constant exposure to people far more brilliant than I am who I can constantly learn from (and sometimes get scolded by but that's okay, part and parcel right?) 

Anyhoos, in spite my lack luster attendance, the lovely ladies behind their press in Singapore sent along the link to Tory's new behind the scenes video Tory Burch: Making of a Show, which I wanted to share for a couple of reasons:

  1. The fashion-lovers among us will, well, love the jewel-tone colors, romantic prints and rich embellishment of the FW 2013 collection
  2. The business-minded ones will enjoy the inside look into what it takes to build, maintain and brand a global business

Personally, I think Ms Burch is well on her way to becoming The iconic American designer of our generation (if she hasn't already done this) -- much like how Ralph Lauren has come to define American style in the past, Tory is taking over in the present, and will likely continue to take it into the future.

Fashion, like most other industries, is a field dominated by men -- which seems funny to me because so many of its consumers are women, and we're the ones with the spending power that's keeping it all afloat. So it's wonderful to see a woman designing for other women, and her designs are grounded in her personal style -- it gives the brand a kind of authenticity that imitators could never ever ever hope to duplicate. Try as they might, they can't be Tory Burch.

And why exactly is being Tory Burch so amazing? Well, for one, she's a woman who believes in helping other women. I'm in the midst of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, so the topic of woman-career-family is pretty central at the moment, and Ms Burch has been doing her part for as long as most employees can recall, and she formalized it as a programme early on with the Tory Burch Foundation. The Foundation supports the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and their families through small business loans, mentoring programs and entrepreneurial education.

As a business woman and working mother, Ms Burch understands the challenges that arise in the crux of this dynamic. She also believes that networking, collaborating with, and rooting for other women helps women make lasting relationships that organically further their career and set them up for future success. “Every job that you have might not be the perfect job, but you really take away different things, and you create relationships,” says Ms Burch, who is lucky enough to count Saks’ Ron FraschGoogle’s,Eric Schmidt, as well as her older brother and company’s co-president, as major mentors in her life. 

This post wasn't supposed to be about Tory and her multifaceted glory -- but you can see how it would lean in that direction, given my love of fashion, and fascination with the businesses and leaders behind it.

Credit where it's due: Images via Vogue, background reading via Forbes and the Tory Burch Foundation.