Obsessed about Bella Koh for lilreddotfolks

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Bella in person (after months of insta-stalking her @catslavery for the longest time) last week at TP's ferociously fabulous birthday party, and trust me peeps, she's even chicer and sweeter in real life (I know, how can that be!?! Life is just like that sometimes - not fair) 

Anyhoos, I came across the amazing space she calls home over on lilreddotfolks (obviously her abode would be just as amazing as her incredible wardrobe and as impossibly irresistible as her delicious food pics she tempts me with daily) , and decided that it would be the perfect thing to share with everyone on this rather manic mid-week.

Is yours as impossibly chaotic as mine? Between Wedley, work, love and life, I find myself in a constant blur of motion, thoughts, action, and forever trying to catch up with my email --- I'm so so so sorry if I haven't replied you as yet! I'm trying to get through all of it. And just when I was getting into the gist of clearing everything my email server decided to fail me completely.

I know, what are the odds? But that's Murphy for you. Fucken up right when you need it the least.  So I'm stranded with a ton of emails to reply, and no way of doing so till the little minions that run the server get their act together. Boo. 

So I'm blogging. About something that calms me. Interiors of other peoples homes.  I loved Bella's so much that I went on a world wide internet trawl for more and stumbled upon her feature with Honeycombers - which is also excellent. You should check it out.

Photo credits: Honeycombers and Lilreddotfolks