K x Tay to the power of 2

This particular wedding up on Wedley is particularly close to my heart, in fact, it's very close to my heart as it's the wedding of my cousin Karen to her long time love, Kenneth.

Most of the time, when I hear of stories like theirs, I go "huhhhh sure not? " because it's hard to believe that relationships and love stories like this exist in their pure and untainted state. They met at Princeton and were friends for years before the thought of being together ever crossed their minds. They grew together, laughed together, learned together, and it was only in their second semester of Sophomore year, over a fated financial investments class which Karen loathed but Kenneth was an absolute whiz at, did they first consider a relationship together. Kenneth of course will tell you that he liked Karen from the get-go, but my stubborn cousin always thought he was "too immature" (I bet this sounds familiar to about 95% of women out there).

Theirs was one of those relationships that comes only once in forever, college sweethearts that traveled the world together, studied together, went on summer exchange together (and were rather hilariously put up in the same house with the same host family because people mistook them for siblings -- they're both Tays and from Singapore), went to church together, built a tight knit circle of friends together (many of whom flew all the way from the States to Singapore to join in the happy occasion), graduated together, started working (though not together), and now they're starting a life together. Anyone who's had a college sweetheart would know how hard it is to keep things going once the realities of the real world set in. But they've done it, and I couldn't be happier that it's all worked out beautifully for them. 

Relationships, the ones that grow with you, do something incredible -- and that's helping us become better versions of the people that we are. They show us happiness, teach us what it means to be good to others, bring you new realisations, back you up in hard times, and always lift you higher. The relationships around me that seem to be the strongest are the ones in which each partner not only makes the other person feel good (that's temporal, and just about anyone can do that), but they make each other better, always better than before. That's something that Karen & Kenneth have taught me through their love for each other.

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