PB wants to bankrupt me

It's summer and my inbox is seeing an influx of adorable entertaining ideas and all the bits and baubles I'll need to buy to host that perfectly casual oh-it's-no-big-deal-I-just-happened-to-throw-this-altogether chic summer soiree. Fairly certain if I had a place of my own I'd have absolutely no savings whatsoever because everytime one of those emails lands in my inbox I absolutely need to get that superfluous piece of furniture or decor item -- how did I ever live without a coloured stone lion!?! Or these chalk-slate tags! And that Authentic Kantha Throw that some woman in India saved fabric from her favourite sari to stitch together using colourful thread...

Lies! I bet it came from some factory in China. But the consumer in me falls for it every.single.time.

If you're falling for it too (you are, aren't you?), you'll find the links below. 

1. Pottery Barn Glass Drink Dispensers 2. Anthropologie Handwoven Saya Hammock 3. Pottery Barn Malena Pillows 4. West Elm Favourite Flower Vases 5. Pottery Barn Round Chalkboard Dispenser Tag 6. Pottery Barn Kantha Throw 7. West Elm Stone Lion 8. Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Drink Dispenser Stand