How leaving your job is like getting out of a bad relationship...

Not that my relationship is in any kind of jeopardy (hi MOm! No need to freak out) , it's just a topic that came up in conversation the other day. Let me illustrate, but let me just point out that this is both from personal experience and also from observing others.

So if your relationship/job makes you feel like doing this everyday and you notice some of the signs below, it might be time to movin' movin'... 

photo (3).JPG

You change the way you look. 

When you go into work and report to the same employer every day, you don't care that you look like shit, and you don't care if your hair is unkempt, because there's little point in looking pretty in a grueling work environment (in fact, it could be misread as "I AM DAMN FREE") 

Same goes for when you're in a dead-end relationship. There's no point dressing up for that dud. 

But when you make up your mind to leave your job (or your other half), you put on make up again, you stand up straighter, you make sure that shirt is ironed before stepping out of the house because, hey! You never know when you'll meet your next potential boss/boyfriend! What do they say? Put your best foot (and face) forward. 

You're more social

When my friends in relationships start coming out more, it's likely because there's a breakup in store.

When you decide to leave your job, you become a whole lot more social. You start going out more, you network aggressively, and your linked in profile suddenly gets updated (after months or perhaps even years of stagnation). 

Getting out of a relationship normally sees massive facebook updates of all the fun, glamorous and good things you're doing with your single or soon to be single self. Sound familiar?

You assess and re-assess and re-assess again. And you obsess.

This doesn't even need explaining does it?  Lists of pros and cons - whether or not you actively write them out - are regularly scrolling through your mind. Is this the right role/person for me? Where will this role take me/where will I be with this person in 2, 5, and 10 years time? Am I fulfilled? Do I see myself growing? Am I even really enjoying myself?

And even after you think you've made a decision, you backtrack and retrack and rethink and overthink and obsess. obsess. obsess. During this phase you often drive your friends crazy. 

You jump on the next "best" thing that comes along

Whether it's a new man or a new role, without truly assessing what it means, you've ditched the old for the new simply because you're sick and tired of what you had because it wasn't going anywhere for you..... Three months down the road this new thing doesn't feel quite right and you're on the look out once again.

Sound familiar?  In relationship terms we call it the rebound. I'm not sure there's a career term for it.

In other news! Happy weekend! It's almost here my friends. Can you smell it?