Susan Sontag on Love

I came across this brilliant illustration of Susan Sontag's musings on love a little while ago on The Man Repeller, and it's been in my saved drafts for a while now, a little bit forgotten when suddenly it was brought to the forefront of my mind over dinner with P&S last night when we, inadvertently, got talking about weddings because everyone around us seems to be getting into it.

Ad there was something P said that absolutely stuck with me, about how weddings need to be dealt with with a certain level of solemnity. Not that weddings shouldn't be fun (oh god forbid), but that too often couples these days get caught up in the pomp, glamour and show of it all, and forget that at the end of it, a wedding is actually the joining of two persons in holy matrimony, the promise to care for one another, be there for one another, and to love one another...  

Which is where this illustration then came to the forefront. To love. What does it mean to love? I think this particular saying from Sontag strikes the most resounding chord with me: 

What I have to get over: The idea that the value of love rises as the self dwindles.

Because in P I've found someone who makes me want to always be a better version of myself -- more creative, more loving, more generous, giving and kind, more fun. More love = more me. Isn't that interesting? And that's only possible because he inspires me endlessly. How else do you think I got the gumption to start up Wedley with a full time job?


Happy Sunday folks.