Slow sundays

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Hello folks! It's Monday and it's the beginning of June. Does anyone else feel like this year is just flying by way too quickly? I can hardly keep track of 2013, and everytime I pause to ask myself what I've accomplished this year there's a resounding echo that reverberates in the void.

Perhaps it's because every year prior to this felt like a roller coaster (2009/10 graduation, moving home, getting that first job and surviving the crazy demands that job entailed, 2011 saw the start of a new relationship - always exciting! 2012 witnessed a major career change and step up on the proverbial ladder), so much so that placid 2013 pales in comparison.

Lest the universe thinks I'm complaining and karma comes to bite me in the butt -- let me just say I'm not complaining. I'm immensely grateful to be where I am right now, I'm simply commenting on how comfortable life seems to be these days. Case in point: Sunday afternoons spent lazing around with P and the pup, wholly contented with the way things are (or mostly contented anyway). Perhaps I'm afflicted with an inability to simply sit still.

And while we're on the topic of not sitting still: SO MANY wonderful interviews with inspiring women coming right up.