Something I'll need a lot of in the coming months.  

It's been a little intense around here as lots of things are moving, Wedley being just one of them, though I will admit, it's the one that's eaten the most out of my regular sleep cycle. I'm currently averaging around 5-6 hours per night (which I know is normal for some of you but I'm one of those peeps who really really really needs my 7.5 hours of sleep) and while you would think this would make me cranky, it's quite the opposite. These days I'm mostly elated and perpetually on some kind of adrenaline rush to get. things. done. faster.

Work faster at work so I can head home early to work more.  And i LoV3 IT! (Attempting to express my enthusiasm over the web through words alone is tough now that we have instavideo!) 

And it's true what they say about starting something new -- things rarely, if ever, go according to plan. But then there will be days, like yesterday, which you could never ever expect, and when they happen, you're just awed and floored by it - and you can't do very much more than stand there and take it all in, and be very very VERY grateful for everything.

When we checked Wedley's stat counter yesterday, we realised you guys have pushed us over the FIFTEEN THOUSAND page views mark. It's been less than 3 weeks since we went live. That's. Just. Crazy. Really. Truly. Crazy.

The outpouring of enthusiasm and support (and love!) has been immense, and immeasurable. And honestly, it's difficult to find the words to express how grateful I am for it all... Somehow "thank you guys" just doesn't suffice. Everyone's pitched in in their own little ways - either by liking us on Facebook (which has really helped because that's how our content gets out to more people), following us on instagram, retweeting our thoughts, sharing our posts with friends who are about to be wed, sharing the site with all these wonderful and talented people in the industry, re-posting our pictures and doing shout-outs for us.

It's all fairly incredible to me that you would all do this so willingly. They say Singapore's a hard place to start up not for lack of money but for lack of support, but from my own very recent experience that really doesn't seem to be the case. That or I've just really lucked out by having all of you in my life -- in all the varied and wonderful ways in which you're "in" it. Some of you I've never met, and may never meet, but to my way of thinking we've "met" and will continue "meeting" on this wonderful space called the world wide web. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for silently reading. Thank you for the ever present support.  

My only wish is for this to keep growing, for the space to keep giving others ideas for their own big day, for everyone to continue being so wonderful and open about sharing... and on our end, for us to keep providing a space where good content (these beautiful & inspired wedding ideas) can go to be appreciated by a wider audience.

Keep those messages coming - we love getting feedback from folks who want to see beautiful and inspired weddings in this world. And if you know of a wedding just like that please get in touch :) beautiful things should be shared. And thank you. I know it isn't enough but my vocabulary seems to fail me right now.

Anyone want to buy me a lifetime supply of sbux?