Of house and home

It's only Wednesday but I'm really, really looking forward to the weekend where I'll be treated to lunch cooked by my lovely cousin K (in her new home!) and get a first glimpse of her wedding photos taken by the super talented Eng Hong from 39 East. Having seen the man in action, I know he isn't just good at taking photos (which anyone who's had a look at his portfolio would know), he's also very impressive as he's wholly un-intrusive and just such.a.pro. 

It's very, VERY difficult to take photos for my family as we're a bunch of fools who're always getting in the way of the pros (just ask any of my married cousins) -- so anyone who can manage the lot of us and still capture beautiful & inspired images of the day has my total, complete and utter respect.

But let's move on to non-wedding topics, shall we? Like the fact that DOMAINE might just be the best thing ever ever ever EVER conceptualised and brought to life? Launched by the impeccably dressed and impossibly chic duo behind Who What Wear they've pretty much embodied everything I ever wanted to create in a living/lifestyle site and so.much.more.

It's basically a shoppable  online magazine spotlighting stylish shelter content designed for fashionable consumers. What they're trying to show you (and what I've always said!) is that style is more than just what you wear, it's how you wear it, where you live, how you live and what you do every.single.day. It's everything. Basically.

You might dress to impress but if you live like a schlepp... well.... then.... you might as well not drop top dollar on that Dolce dress.

Domaine's a wonderful resource for aesthetic-minded creatively intelligent design lovers looking for home decor inspiration and ideas. Of course it boasts beautiful interior photographs, but what we love in particular are the "celebrity" features that don't always feature actual celebrities but just people with impeccable taste and an eye for good design.

Happy surfing. Aren't you so glad I share the good stuff? x

Image credits: Domaine