It's wedding season around here

And no, it's not because of my new project. I've genuinely entered the age group where you'll have at least 1 wedding every 2 months (and that's just the ones I receive, I'm not counting the ones I attend with P as the +1) . Last night however, I had the awesome pleasure of attending a wedding dinner I enjoyed right through to the very end. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy attending weddings because I love the people getting hitched, but I hardly ever enjoy the food, and only occasionally enjoy the company because more often than not you're seated with a bunch of folks with whom you have to small talk.

K&J's wedding however, really broke away from the ballroom-mould. They opted for a 5-course sit-down dinner at M.A.D. (Modern Asian Dining, a new "chinese" restaurant by Dick Lee x Tung Lok Group), complete with DIY decor, an incredibly delicious and well thought-out menu, and a great deal of dancing.

I've known J for more than 10 years now (and I used to discuss the merits of Santana and Eric Clapton's playing styles with her dad back when I was a whole lot younger), so it was wonderful to me to see her married, and even more heartening to see parents so willing to let their kids go their own way when it came to the big day.  The whole space was just filled with such joy, laughter, warmth and love for this couple. The way weddings should be.

I hope you all had as happy a weekend as I did - and aren't we glad the craze haze is beginning to fade? Hurrah!