If you follow me on instagram (you don't? But why!) you'll know I spent the weekend stuffing myself silly in Bangkok, fairly certain I've put on 2kilos in that quick 72 hours we spent in the land of a thousand smiles. Everything just tastes better there - not because it's cheaper (though it is and I do feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck), but because it's genuinely fresher and better. 

Seriously speaking, Thailand has one of the most sophisticated agricultural scenes in SE Asia - The King's Project is dedicated to helping Thai farmers produce high quality crops using sustainable farming methods. 

Born as an alternative to the cultivation of illegal opium and poppy seeds, the King wanted to create a future for Thailand where farm produce was the best in class and could be supplied to all of Bangkok's most illustrious F&B establishments. Along with producing high quality local crops, they've started to encourage farmers to cultivate once-exotic-imported items such as rainbow trout, gooseberries, figs, and avocados - thereby lowering the cost of premium goods for F&B outlets in Bangkok.

So you see, I wasn't kidding when I said everything just tastes better in Thailand. Flying fresh produce around the world has an impact on the flavour, freshness and taste (there's science behind this - but I don't know how to explain it) , which is why oysters taste better on the southern coast of France, and momotaro tomatoes in Tokyo are a million times sweeter and more delicious than the ones we get in SG.

Anyhoos, I hope this was an educational Monday morning for you. I'll be back with a round-up of new places I tried while in BKK this weekend. Or you could just follow me on instagram and get real time updates from this genuine greedy girl.