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Hello folks! Apologies for the fact it’s been a little quiet around here! It’s full steam ahead over on (never expected for it to pick up so quickly) and the babysis is back from London which means lots of family shenanigans. I had a bajillion people ask if I've become a wedding planner (answer: no), okay then what are you doing (answer: being helpful! Sharing my contacts and resources), why would you do that (answer: cos everyone's asking me anyway, so I figured - just put all my info online!) So there you have it, the very very very summarized version of what's up with wedley.

But I will be back very very soon with that cheese party we spoke about, a new interview with yet another passionate, talented and purposeful young lady who dove head first into the e-commerce scene, and highlights from my cousin K's very chic and indie wedding reception at Food for Thought which all my lovely cousins from around the world flew home for. Not because of wedley but because she is my cousin, and I love sharing this kinda stuff with you. It. Was. A. Riot.

All weddings should be riotous!  

TILL THEN! If you're in need of a little reading material, there's always the delightful Rachel, Andrea and Innika who I recently met through said passionate e-commerce entrepreneur.