Can we take a minute to wax lyrical about the cold angel hair pasta with truffle at Satsuma please? I know the snobs among us will say it can't hold a candle to the original cold angel hair pasta by Gunther's (which involves both black truffle and Oscietra caviar) but puh-lease people, it's a quite literally, a fraction of the price at $18 as compared to $60 a pop for a serving that's just about the same size.

Granted, Satsuma's version isn't as sophisticated as the clean, subtle truffle flavours you will find at Gunther's but it is delicious in its own incredibly flavourful - if slightly salty - right. I love it. The cold pasta in a dressing of truffle oil topped with lots and lots of black truffle and a couple of random ikura. I am such a fan. I could have a bowl of this all to myself at the end of a massive charcoal-grilled meal.

And of course I love Satsuma's regular offering of traditional and (non)traditional Izakaya items -- you've got your crispy chicken skin and wagyu beef short rib and golden mushroom rolled in bacon and foie gras on skewers. Clearly, you have to be fairly carnivorous to enjoy a meal here.

But do check it out the next time you're in the Robertson area. I highly highly highly recommend reservations or you might end up sitting outside.

6235 3565
The Gallery Hotel, Robertson Quay