Peaches and Cream

Happy Thursday folks! I'm off to Bali for the weekend, but I thought I'd leave you with a little bit of sunshine in the form of a peach themed post. Isn't it such a happy colour?

We have Ms. Yolanda Sanchez to thank for sparking off this peaches and cream and pink themed thing that we have going on here today. I stumbled upon her piece, Looking East, while wandering around Pinterest yesterday evening, and now I really really want to throw a pastel peach & pink themed garden party with a long table set-up similar to what you see above. I'll put a couple of juicy peaches on the grill, slathered in a sinful mixture of cinnamon and rum, and served with vanilla ice cream on the side. I'll throw in generous jugs of pink grapefruit margaritas for good measure, and you just know it will seriously up the pleasure!

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest