PTP and what it's taught me

Over the past three days, I’ve received some really positive and constructive feedback on the little Passion Talent Purpose series I’ve been working on, and I can’t tell you all how glad I am that the stories of the women featured resonate with all of you.

If nothing else, this series has taught me that compelling lifestyle content, written with passion and co-created with talented individuals, both engages people and activates social conversations. Personally, I’m glad that Lavishley has evolved to become more than just a personal blog, to become in some small way a means to showcase talented women building interesting new businesses.

It is my genuine hope that you will all continue to engage with me (as you have been! Thank you for that) and support them as they create new and innovative, niche and unique lifestyle concepts, products and services that make our lives a little better on the little red dot – it’s a win-win for everyone isn’t it?

And if you like it, please do share - the businesses, the stories, the content, and most of all, share with me women whom you think have combined their passions and talents for a purpose because there's nothing I'd love more than to get to know them a little better.

More stories of amazing women doing incredible things coming up super soon!