Boozy Brunches > Loud late nights


It might be a function of age (god forbid), a function of personal preference, or a function of the fact that I’m an unabashed greedy face, but I declare – hand over heart – that boozy brunches (lunches, teas or dinners) beat the crap out of loud late nights spent in clubs (in kayteevee rooms it’s somehow okay).

Maybe it’s because we’ve reached an age where barely-there-bandage-dresses have forever been banished from our fashion lexicon (resulting in us – or me anyway – constantly feeling incredibly over-clothed in clubs). Maybe it’s because the concept of getting crushed up against sweaty strangers has completely lost its appeal (we're never tipsy enough to ignore it anymore), and we seem to have lost the ability to bounce back from a hard night out the way we used to (which means writing off premium weekend time nursing hangovers and what have you).

Or maybe it’s because as people with precious little time out of the office, we find our time is best spent being able to hold actual conversations with people we actually care about // verses screaming over the music and gesturing wildly with champagne glass in hand to some friend of a friend you met five minutes ago. Please don’t be offended if I’ve met you in a club recently and did exactly that – I find these interactions enjoyable and incredibly entertaining, but I’d probably like you better if we met in day-light and actually had a chance to get to know you.

Or perhaps I’m just – as my sister often likes to say – old and boring (let's hear it for Old FOGEYS!) This could well be the case. Next thing you know I’ll be spending Friday nights in my PJs with a movie on the telly and my cats for company (nevermind the fact that I hate cats) – and for the sake of complete disclosure: one Saturday night a couple of weekends ago was not far off that particular mark – after dinner at Chopsuey the bunch of us headed to Imperial Apple for foot massages and a screening of To Rome with Love (great movie, by the way, Penelope Cruz plays a hooker with a heart, and the Juno girl is in it, being her awesome-if-sometimes-predictable self). We were probably the youngest people in the establishment by at least a decade.

Anyway, Chopsuey is hardly the point of this post. The point is booze-laden brunches (or lunches, or teas, or dinners). Basically anything that allows for hours of conversation and day-time drinking with friends. Maybe we’ve graduated into the club where drinking in the day (while not on holiday) is acceptable? Is it? What are the rules for day-time drinking for young adults? I feel like in college, drinking at pretty much all hours was condoned (though before 10am would sometimes illicit a concerned look from your housemates), but what about as a working adult? I suppose most week-day lunches are out of the question unless you’ve just closed some kind of major deal or project, then you damn well deserve it (or do you?) You see, there needs to be a guide on these things.

Anyway, again, that was hardly the point of this post. This post is about booze-laden brunches! As you can see, I just hosted one this past weekend to get a group of people who met in the dark of the night together in the light of day.


Everytime I have folks over, they seem amazed by the fact I can pull together brunch for a dozen at home. But here's the thing about entertaining - like everything else - it requires some practice and gets easier over time! For one, you'll figure out the recipes that are the most hassle-free and easy to execute at 9am in the morning when you're running on 5 hours of sleep -- for me, that go-to recipe is some form of roast chicken. Which is why you see it so often on this site. Two, the more you cook, the less you worry about following a recipe to a T (e.g., I used to wonder what constituted a "pinch of salt," now I just trust my gut when it comes to seasoning things) and the more you enjoy the process. Three, the best hosts know that entertaining is all about timing - the more you entertain, the better you become at figuring out the rough timeline for when you need to start cooking, plating, mixing drinks and entertaining guests, and the less stressed you'll be.

Maybe next time I put together a post I'll have a rough guide on timelines, but for now I'll leave you with the menu for Saturday's Brunch.

On the menu for Saturday's Brunch at BJP

For starters 

Mini pancakes topped with strawberry+mint or blueberry+mint, served with nutella, maple syrup and chocolate sauce on the side

Old school fried spam and scrambled egg sandwiches

For mains

Baked eggs with potato puree, bacon, sautéed onions and parmesan cheese

Roasted chicken with garlic, citrus and bacon dressing

A big leafy green garlic-soy salad

To drink

Peach bellinis, Strawberry rossinis, and Mimosas

You'll need to give me a while to write all the recipes out - as always, all the dishes were more "trial and error" or "grandma style" or simply "an adventure" than it was a demonstration of a well-calibrated execution of recipes. I cannot wrap my head around following recipes to a T.

Happy midweek-almost-end-week folks! Don't you love 4 day work-weeks? Hurrah!