Taco Party


I do wish I had better pictures of the impromptu taco party D, P and I put together one random weekday night about 2 weeks ago, but we were so starved by the time we put everything on the table that this was the only image we managed to capture.

The evening went something like this... Head to Raffles City intending to have dinner... All the restaurants are crowded and/or unenticing... Spot the grocery store... light bulb in head... rush in for random ingredients, decide that Tacos are the best way to tie it altogether, and BOOM you have a week-day-last-minute-taco-party at home.

This is a meal that will actually take you about 20 minutes to prep and cook - with fresh ingredients, and the right seasoning, everything tasted pretty good.

  • Green salad with tangy garlic-soy dressing.
  • Store bought taco skins toasted on the grill according to box instructions.
  • Two types of taco fillings: (1) Grilled (white) fish with cilantro-salsa-verde dressing and (2) Garlic-seasoned seared beef -- Coat steak in garlic, salt and pepper to taste, then sear to desired doneness, slice and serve.
  • Store-bought enchilada which turned out to be the most tasteless thing on the menu.

I'm also pretty excited to re-create this over the summer on a much larger scale (pool party anyone?) - think TACO BAR with all kinds of crazy delicious taco-filling options, with giant jugs of pop coloured margaritas on the side. I'll give my friends a month or two to get their bodies bikini-ready for swimsuit season - though it seems like an exercise in futility as I foresee much stuffing-of-faces once the food lands on the tables.

But yes, very easy idea for entertaining at home, you should try it sometime.