The grown up version of a Pyjama Party - or what I imagine tais tais to do all day


Over the weekend, A, D and I had the pleasure of being pampered altogether at Blow+Bar. I gotta say, it’s a pretty good way to make sure you maximise on girl time, while getting all your essential grooming needs out of the way. Throw in a glass of vino and we loathed to leave our (highly in demand) seats at the end of it.

It was, as I see it, the grown up version of a pyjama party – or what I imagine taitais to do all day. Which as I imagine couldn't possibly be very fun as a prospect for rest-of-life situations, but as an occasional indulgence over the weekend, it was just perfect!

It starts with a double cleansing hair wash (i.e., they wash your hair twice which means x2 the head massage!) that includes a scalp booster and hair treatment, followed by a proper blow-out and styling (5 styles to choose from including an updo or two, so good for those who have weddings to attend in the evenings) and finished with an express manicure. The entire time you’ve got good folks (your friends) for company, and a glass of wine in hand. What's not to love? The only difficulty we encountered was speaking over the sound of three hairdryers going at the same time, but that’s a #firstworldproblem is there was any, and I probably ought to be shot for mentioning it.

The blow out also gave me a chance to chat with Diana (the lady behind Blow+Bar) and I absolutely cannot wait to share her story with you.

So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, or just an excuse to get out with your girl friends and, well, girl it up big time then this is a great option.

FYI it’s Wednesday morning and a quick look in the mirror tells me my hair is still in terrific shape. Two thumbs up! But I will shortly be jumping into the shower.

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7 Rodyk St, Robertson Quay #01-32