All white errthang

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The problem with growing up (Chinese) in Singapore, having a Canadian mother, and going to school in the US is that you become profoundly confused about the holidays, when they are supposed to happen and what you’re supposed to do.

Take for example Thanksgiving – it’s in October in Canada, but I’ve always celebrated it in November when the Americans do as I first learned to cook a turkey as a student in the land of the free and home of the brave (do you have the American national anthem in your head now? I do), and in Singapore we don’t celebrate it at all. So last thanksgiving I picked an in between date to host the dinner which confused just about everyone in attendance. When is thanksgiving? They asked. It doesn't matter. I said. I was just thankful everyone managed to show up with all the cross-fire on dates.

Or the next example May Day (tomorrow!), also known as International Worker's Day - intended to celebrate the International Labour Movement, confuses me further because Labour Day in America/Canada is in September. Labour Day (in America and Canada) also marks the last day of summer, and it is normally celebrated with lots of all-white parties because traditionally you can’t wear white after the official end of summer (reasons for this vary, some say it's because wearing white in the Canadian winters made it difficult for rescue workers to find you among all that snow... but I do not abide by this rule at all). May Day is also a traditional spring holiday in many cultures - this I learned in ballet class when we were taught to dance and weave ribbons around a May Pole while wearing flowers in our hair.

So here's what happened in my mixed up mind: I wanted to throw a May Day BBQ with an all-white dress code and floral head gear (for females, though if the boys wanted in I wouldn't stop them) then realised as I was drafting the email to all my friends that I’d gotten it wrong again and would likely confuse everyone.

Perhaps I should just throw a start-of-summer brunch (it can be a new thing!) with an all-white dress code with lots and lots and lots of flowers, not involving any of the official holidays. [But I always feel like I need a reason to do these things. Pffft.]

If you are wondering where this post came from, it stems from the above. I recently bought an all-white ensemble (involving some florals!) that I’d like to wear over and over and over again for all of summer and perhaps eternity. Top from H&M, culottes from Zara, bag from Foley+Corinna.

Happy May Day folks! If you're a working woman like I am - relish the fact we've got the day off.