Building vs. Climbing (through hoops)

I am no political pundit, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I just wanted to share an extract from an article a friend sent along outlining the problem of big business in America which I think is remarkably applicable to the Singapore government today. Just try substituting "corporate America" with "Singapore government"


“I think corporate America [the Singapore government] is much more broken than it realizes. Not because it’s so behind on ideas, because it’s not. The ideas are there, they just can’t get made. Mostly because American corporations [the Singapore government] are not structured around creating great products and bringing them to market in a speedy, transparent way. They’re structured around a story told for Wall St [the powers that be]. The sheer number of business units, layers and competing roles prohibits real leadership, the ability to make decisions and get things done. But it gives the impression of a mighty ship. 

As a result, privately-owned companies [the opposition?] are the engines of innovation and ideas because that’s where the purity of purpose is. They tend to produce superior products that come from a personal mission, love and insight. They have a closer relationship with their consumers [the population] and tend to tell the truth more often and behave in a transparent and responsible way."


Where am I going with this? No where really. It's just an observation that the only way to move forward once you've grown so big is to try and think small. Perhaps the problem is that instead of focusing on "making great things," they should focus on simply "making things happen."