Brunch at Roomorama HQ

When P flew the coop a few weeks ago to attend a wedding in Indo, I took the opportunity to play host at Jia's with a bunch of old friends, new friends, common friends and Jia's houseguest (as the co-founder of Roomorama, house sharing is something she firmly believes in!) Thought Catalog published an article sometime in March about the 5 Things We Are All Jealous Of and let me tell you, #4 couldn't ring truer for me and my feelings towards Jia's amazing space.

4. A perfect apartment.
“What is this? A bedroom and a charming home office? Is this from Crate & Barrel? Why are there so many kinds of spoons? Why is there a bakery on this street corner — who actually has a bakery? I thought all baked goods came from the Dunkin Donuts stand in the 7/11… Please don’t tell me those are peonies, I can’t even hear the word peonies right now, I’m going to projectile vomit all over this aubergine accent wall. Fuck, this is tasteful.”

Her stuff isn't from Crate & Barrel, it's from Crate & Barrel's much cooler cousin, West Elm. As for a bakery? Carpenter & Cook is actually in her area (can it get more perfect? Guess what? It can!) Because she has a freaking herb garden on a rooftop. Yes. My friends. A roof top garden that grows some herbs. It's where we got the mint (top picture) for the lychee-mint-coolers. You'll admit that it's much more Kinfolk-worthy than a pot of peonies. Peonies are weak. And her accent wall is brick. Brick. BRICK > Aubergine in my books. So yes, projectile vomit if you please but this girl's pad is pretty much perfect. And she really does have a ridiculous range of kitchen equipment (including one of those giant spades you use to extract pizzas from ovens....), so you can imagine how delighted I was - pretty much died and went to hostess heaven that day.

Anyhoos, onto our Brunch menu, we had...

Blini with salmon and caviar - super simple and you can totally cheat with this one. You can either buy pre-made blini (available at Culina and at some Cold Storages) or you can make mini pancakes from your regular from-a-box batter. Then slather on the cream cheese, top with salmon and finely chopped chives, or load up on sour cream and top with caviar. I also tried a fig jam and foie gras combination that turned out spectacularly - so good they never made it to the dining table (therefore no pictures). Perfect bite sized snack for when folks are waiting for everything else to be ready.

Momofuku poached eggs over green salad - any kind of green salad with your favourite dressing and a healthy portion of Momofuku's super simple poached eggs. I know the idea of poaching eggs scares you (it used to scare me), and then you discover this brilliant recipe and you're like whaaaat - poached eggs all the time! Recipe here.

Sauteed wild mushrooms - mushrooms. butter. you're done. It's the kind of combination that cannot be beat.

Roast chicken with grapes and thyme - a long standing favourite of mine (this recipe has outlasted entire relationships), if you've been reading it for a while, you know it's my go-to whenever I don't really have time to fuss around and truss up a chicken right. It is always juicy, tender, and tasty. ALWAYS. Idiot proof is the way to go when you're running on 4 hours of sleep and may or may not still have alcohol in your bloodstream.

Lemon poppy cake - baked by Woofy. I wish I had a recipe for you. I wish I had a recipe for me. Brilliant stuff.

Lychee mint coolers - 1 can of lychee+syrup, half a blender of ice, a sprinkling of mint leaves. Blend and you're good to go.

Fantastically easy. Fabulously tasty. Super Simple. I know I've said that a lot but this is the only way to cook up a storm while you're waiting for the hangover to strike. And I know you suffered through this entire post on food when all you care about is pictures of Jia's fabulous place. So here you go:


Are you not suffering from incredible house envy? I am green. Like the plant. Right above. It's not a flattering colour. At all. 

If you want to staycate here, you totally can! Maybe one day I'll run into you while whipping up brunch. Otherwise, you can check out the rest of the simply fabulous accommodation options around the world over at!