The black hole that is Pinterest

The nice thing about being sick in this day and age is that they've invented the internet, and though you're basically confined to the boundaries of your bedroom, there's no end to the things you could explore over the www. I was down with some kind of godforsaken virus for about a week before I finally decided (yesterday) to get my disease-ridden-self to the doctor's (I'm stubborn that way, I truly believe that - for the most part - there's nothing that lots of sleep, water and rest won't cure). Clearly I was wrong because doctor was not pleased to learn I'd been hacking away like this for a week (irresponsible human being passing germs around) and earned myself an mc which has resulted in me getting well (re)acquainted with my Pinterest account. And by well I mean, 500+ pins in the span of a few days, mostly today.

But really, how did folks get by before the wonderful world of the wide web? I know, I know, books. I love them too. But when you're drugged up on a molotov cocktail of medication, the concept of reading is simply beyond you - it's beyond me at least. So picture-laden places like Pinterest win in my opinion.

Anyhoos, back to PINTEREST! (which is infinitely more exciting than blogging at the moment) As you can tell, I'm futurepotentialhouse planning all over it -- though the likelihood of any of this coming to fruition given property prices these days is perhaps nil. nada. zilch. squat. BUT ONE CAN DREAM! Currently obsessed with the all-white-on-white palette, but practical-ashley is going what the hell do you really want to deal with the horror of constantly removing stains from ALL your furniture? No I do not, but that doesn't mean I cannot pin for the nevertoberealised dream home in my head. 

With that, I'm back to fantasy-land