Personality Pop Quiz

A few weeks ago, and quite out of the blue, A suddenly asked me “what kind of personality type are you?” Which as you can imagine took me quite by surprise, like hello woman we’ve been friends 20 years and you still haven’t a clue? To which she clarified, “no, no, what kind of Myers Briggs personality type are you?”

*Ding ding* went the bells. I had an inkling of where she was going with this. So I dug through my old college emails (I had my test results somewhere) and found I was an ENFJ back in the day. Yes, that’s right, back in the day – it seems working has brought out the T in me, but only marginally (I retook the test and sit somewhere between ENTJ/ENFJ).

This of course set off an entire chain of getting all the rest of our friends to take the test, and believe it or not, it’s come up with some freakishly accurate appraisals of our personalities. It’s amazing that the entire population of the world can be boiled down into 16 personality types - and how they interact with one another... Take for example, my group of friends:

A’s a mix of ISTJ/ISFJ (Dutiful/Nurturing) which is pretty much spot on – she is extremely kind and conscientious, though she does tend to internalize too much and she is very, very, incredibly into peaceful living – something I wouldn’t understand at all. But then again, that’s probably why we’re such good friends, because she balances T and me out.

T used to be an ENTJ back in B school (no surprises there!), but she’s mellowed in recent years and is now an ENFJ e.g., The Giver (it’s funny, she was a TJ when I was an FJ, we pretty much switched places!) It’s also the perfect switch because she’s now dating an ENTJ – and has been for a while – so embracing her softer side has probably helped on the relationship front, otherwise I’m fairly certain we would have seen fireworks.

Our friend G didn’t even need to take the test. We guessed that she was an ESFP (The Performer) straight off the bat. People-oriented and fun-loving, she is the life of the party and ALWAYS make things more fun for the rest of us simply by being herself. She absolutely lives in the moment, and is ever up for new experiences. Everyone loves an ESFP! Really. Truly.

[This brought A, T, G and me to our bus analogy – I drive the bus, T keeps the peace, A takes care of everyone and G provides in-flight entertainment. Not bad eh? This might explain the lack of conflict in our >>>decade long friendship]

J is an ENTP, unabashedly so. It’s almost as if the profile was written for him (Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Enjoy debating issues, and may be into "one-up-manship"). The profile went as far as to say that “The ENTP personality type is sometimes referred to the "Lawyer" type” – which he is, and a damned good one at that.

M is The Guardian, loyal to a fault and hard working as they come, he’s the kind of guy that if I were a dad, I would willingly marry my daughter off to. (I told him to add it to his female friendly CV because which woman wouldn’t want to be taken care of by someone as stable and dependable as he is?)

As for me? I’m The Commander – which effectively validates every bossy bone in my body :) [kidding! Not really]

But with that, let me leave you with the link to a version of the test so you can go figure out what makes you (and your group of friends) tick.