China - a world unto itself

Two posts in a day! What's the occasion? Nothing really, just stumbled upon an article in The Atlantic which I thought would interest the rest of you - China's Rise of the Budget Bride (took some creative license with the original title which, you might agree with me, is more of a mouthful).

Two things:

1. It seems, to me, that social media in China amplifies things in a far more accute way as compared to other countries. This hot topic started trending on Sina Weibo after just a couple of days, and garnered 5.6million mentions - that's the equivalent of all of Singapore weighing in on a debate at the same time (which only happens around election season in these parts) - granted, it's not a lot given the size of the country, but then again the topic is budget brides not, say, a national natural disaster.

2. Singaporean men aren't the only ones concerned about rising materialism among their female counterparts. Is this an Asian epidemic? Oh woe is a man born in this day and age (in an Asian country) - there are but A Few Good (wo)Men it would seem.

Okay, fine, three things!

3. I loveeee their definition of what would constitute the ideal budget bride:

  • Be between 5'2" and 5'8"
  • Weigh between 100 and 120 pounds
  • Have long hair that trails over shoulders
  • Be warm and mild in personality
  • Have B- to C-cup size breasts
  • Not be a "gold digger" (baijinnv)
  • Not be a flirt
  • Not be horny
  • Earn between roughly $500-$1000 per month
  • Have a BA or above
  • Know how to cook and wash clothes
  • Be responsible and sympathetic
  • Speak appropriately
  • Be educated and reasonable
  • I mean really, sorry to say this sweetie, but you're being a little too specific here. B-to C-cup breasts? That effectively eliminates about 1/3 of the Asian female population no? [I'm making a guesstimate here] And have long hair that trails over shoulders? It grows you know! And how, exactly, would one pass the "not be horny" litmus test? Please explain.

    All of that aside, if I'm armed with a BA or above, earn about the same amount you do, and am educated and reasonable [so the default being that women are unreasonable...], why is it I would want to settle for a mediocre man such as yourself?

    Yes, I'm fairly indignant on behalf of Chinese women, because I'm fairly certain they're not out there slogging away in their day jobs, fighting to get a university degree, and fighting for greater equality, just to land a man. Or maybe I'm just annoyed because I don't meet the majority of the criteria - especially the part about being warm and mild in personality. Did you just see my last post on personality traits? I'd have these mediocre men for breakfast.

    Original article here: