A Checklist

I'm not entirely sure how it happened but I'm another year older (though whether or not I'm any wiser is still up for debate) and you know what struck me? Everything after 25 sort of feels the same (to me at least), I can't tell the difference between 26, 27, 28... they're all just numbers and somewhat interchangeable. 

I used to really look forward to my birthdays, with a combination of intense hope (that the new year would be better, brighter) and dread (omg I'm getting old!!! I would exclaim. pfffftttt. 22 year old me really didn't understand the concept of old - it had yet to even experience a proper hangover) till I realised that age is really just a number, and that the year ahead (and the one behind) was really whatever I made of it.

Now lest you think this means I've morphed into one of those people who's super easy going about their birthdays - I'm not. I've just come to view it as a great excuse to have a shit ton of fun (or in the case of this year, a full on five days worth of fun) with my family/friends, rather than a day that marks any particular milestone in my life.

Fact of the matter is that everytime I try to think back on what I was doing this time last year, and the "progress" I've made, I'm always pretty conflicted. I mean, what is progress? Who's defining it for me? I'm out of school so there are no grades or class rankings, perhaps the benchmark is how much I make in a year but then again, $$ isn't the best indicator of happiness (for reference, please see all the disgruntled lawyers and bankers out there), maybe it's about how far I've come in terms of "life achievements" (am I married? have I put a downpayment on a house? did I get promoted? or land an awesome new job? - yes to the latter but that just loops me back to $$) but I've never been one to enjoy the scripted life so I won't start to subscribe to it now...

The thing about crossing out of the mid-twenties is that I'm old (according to my 22 year old self) but I'm still so young, and there is so. much. ahead. And I am excited. It's nice to not dread your new age.

Last night over a quiet dinner with my folks, I had a good think about what I wanted for the year ahead (for my blow-out-the-candle-birthday-wish) and I realized there's not too much for me to ask for.

So all I've got to say this birthday is THANK YOU GOD for all the wonderful folks who've walked into my life. Truly blessed beyond belief.