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It's been a long, long while since I ate, drank and laughed so much in such a short span of time. Phuket was definitely a much needed break, and it's somewhat amazing that though we're in our late twenties, with work commitments and other halves and everything else that our twenty-something lives are complicated by, the eight of us still managed to take time off to go on holiday together. It's really quite incredible.

The thing about friendships (vs. relationships or family) is that they are able to exist in the sidelines (be it because of distance or schedules or "more important priorities" or a change in lifestyle) for long periods of time without ever disappearing. It's true that they might fade, but in some form they will always be there and they have this incredible capacity to return in full force when the time is right. And it will feel like you were never even really apart (though the gap was a good ten years since you last properly hung out).

So cheers to friends who remain bright sparks even in the most distant corners of our lives.

More pictures of Phuket. Maybe tomorrow.