Happy Valentine’s Day

You know, I don’t do Valentine’s day. Which is odd because in any season I will find the most reasons to celebrate something. And in the event you think this resentment stems from some kind of single-lonely-girl-slight from years ago, let me assure you, it’s not that.

It’s to do with the artifice of this day – it just drives me up the wall. Roses at a (if you are fortunate) 30% mark up (and they aren’t even the nice ones since those are taken by customers who pay more than you do), restaurants booked to the gills serving up shitty food because they’re at over capacity for the evening (let’s not even get started on forced set menus blearrghhh), and the embarrassment of having to lug around a bouquet of flowers wherever the date ends up after. I mean, there is no space at the bar for a bouquet okay?

All of that to prove to someone that you love them? How about just treating them really, really well for the rest of the 364 days in a year?

Infinitely better.

So this Valentine’s day, I’m going to take a moment to thank the two people to whom I most seldom say I Love You, but who probably deserve it the most, because they’ve treated me well for about 7,300 days – and never once have they asked for flowers.

If today is a day to celebrate love, then I’m going to celebrate the kind of love that got me through a few heart breaks, high school crushes, a divorce, terrible exes (yes, I know you told me so, and I told you too – so we’re even), being homesick when I was away at college, excruciating hangovers, D Y N A M I T E FISHING and spring breaks and 21st birthdays and cheerleading competitions and all night mugger sessions, bitchy bosses and jobs we've hated and impossible family members (we all have a few of them) … because there is nothing quite like the feeling of having two fabulous females as best friends.

We’ve been sharing secrets since before we truly understood what it meant to keep one, and holding each other through heart breaks, and celebrating for the other in happy times too. This is love, and we’re so, so lucky to have had two solid decades of it.

With you two, I feel like change and distance doesn’t do a thing. With you two I never need to explain, I never need to justify, it’s just understood. I could have seen you yesterday, and there will still be so much to share and say today. And in those times when we just need to sit in silence, you’ve always, always been there.

So thank you, truly, you both are the best friends a girl could ever hope to have.

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We’ve had a quarter of a lifetime of shared love, and laughter and much joy (sprinkled with some sensational fights in between), and we’re only just over a quarter century old! If our future marriages last as long as our friendship has (and will), we’re golden.