Joel x Ling, a very charming engagement

There's something about surprise parties that I love so much, perhaps it's the heightened anxiety because of all the secrecy, or the challenge of trying to guess what the person would love best without actually being able to ask them, or maybe it's just the look of utter amazement and shock and joy when they enter the room - they almost always start tearing up, and you know that all that effort and scurrying around was worth it :) I'm not sure, but I seriously love throwing surprise parties.

A couple weeks ago, a bunch of us got together to throw JxL a little engagement party. They thought it was a simple dinner with just the family, but our daring leader K decided to expand it to include the friends and colleagues that were so much a part of their early romance. It was a very good decision.

It's also really nice when a group of people who don't really know each other get together to do something wonderful - common purpose, it's a great motivator. K planned, R diy-ed the couple clips, big L got all the old photos printed, T & I were assigned to flowers/decor, and H took all the beautiful photos you see above. We didn't know it at the time, but it was actually a very clever division of labour. 

I think the thing that's most evident in all of this is just how loved JxL are. Can't wait for little Noah and Emma, but first! The wedding :)

Credit: Pictures taken by my cousin Hans