An enchanting engagement

When it comes to thank yous, I find I always run out of words -- they either fail to express the depth or convey the sentiment of exactly what I am trying to get across. That or I am a terrible writer, which could well be the case -- I would call it a job hazard really, generating multiple pitches and reports per week on such exciting topics like our financial services capabilities and our experience in the Oil and Gas sector has the overwhelming ability to destroy ones vocabulary for non-business-friendly terms.

But I digress, as it is apparent that is quite besides the point.

A couple of weeks ago, Paul and I had the incredible pleasure of attending a surprise engagement party, thrown by my parents just for the two of us. Of course, it wasn't a complete surprise, we knew there was dinner planned because I had to invite our friends, but we had no clue the lengths to which my parents would go to recreate our (or rather my since Paul's pretty easy going about these things) dream wedding.

You see, I'd always envisioned a charming, intimate wedding ceremony far, far away from our sunny shores with just our very nearest and dearest in attendance (we're talking 40 folks, tops). The reason being that I wanted to escape the pomp and ceremony of a very large wedding. Of course, as Paul and I are both the first in the family to get married, coupled with the fact that we're both from very, very large families, means that card is clearly off the table. 

So my folks -- the brilliant, generous, overwhelmingly thoughtful people that they are -- decided to throw us a surprise engagement party, and during their speech said, "if you can't get married in Tuscany, we thought we'd bring a little bit of Tuscany to you."

To say we were completely blown away by the set up would be the understatement of the century, but what stuck with us more than the stunning tablescapes, cascading florals, and superb spread, was the expanse of warmth and love and good wishes that came from every corner that evening.

One of the biggest blessings, or perhaps the biggest blessing, in our lives is that Paul and I are fortunate to have a group, a troop even, of wonderfully supportive, kind, and generous friends and family. We're social folks, extremely so, but even then we were surprised by the outpouring of encouragement, support, advice, laughter and love that we experienced on that day, and in little ways, we've been blessed to have experienced it every single day of our lives.

To our friends who made time to attend. Thank you. To those who flew in from far off lands, you can't imagine how much it meant to see your smiling, happy faces. To our grandparents who've supported us since the day we were born, we couldn't imagine a life without you. To our siblings (especially the one who couldn't make it), we can't think of better people to have spent the bulk of our lives with. You're our buddies, companions and confidantes, and always will be. To our parents, without whom our entire lives would not be as they are, who have afforded us every opportunity, and lifted us up everytime we failed or literally fell down, thank you -- you've made us who we are. To Danon, who so stealthily captured the evening in all its wonder, thank you. You're truly one of the most all-rounded talented people I know, and I am so grateful for your pictures and videos as they'll be there for always, helping us remember these happy times. 

And to my parents who planned and put together the entire evening, who made such an incredible effort to give us the most intimate, enchanting, and treasured engagement dinner... who did it out of pure generosity, didn't expect us to lift a finger, and all because they knew how very much an intimate celebration would mean to us... I have no words to convey the depth of thanks. I can't believe how blessed I am to be your daughter, and how lucky Paul is that he will soon be able to call you family.

We're officially 8 months away from calling each other family for real. How exciting is that!!?!