Obsessed about Natalie Bloom for The Design Files

Some girls obsess about fashion. Others obsess about food. Still others obsess about beauty and the way they look. Me? I obsess about furniture and stalk (with great passion and zeal) anyone who lives in a beautiful space. Doesn't matter if they look like a troll so long as they have a kitchen counter I can make love to, or on.

Natalie Bloom is one woman with an island kitchen I could love for life. She's also fortunate to not look like a troll (far from it in fact), and helms a business that anyone would envy.

She's the head honcho behind Bloom Cosmetics (never heard of it? Then you're either male or a troll living under a bridge because it's one of the best beauty brands to have ever come out of Australia, and you need to get.some.now.), mother of two, wife to one, and all round super awesome human being who started a company from the most unexpected of beginnings....... and has a killer home. Did I mention the killer home? I'm obsessed about her home. It's just the right mix of classic and contemporary, with lush colours and luxe elements throughout.

More pictures over on The Design Files (you haven't bookmarked this yet? You ought to be shot) 

Credit: The Design Files