An ode to pumpkin pie

Photo credit: Danon The

Photo credit: Danon The

The time is nigh for pumpkin pie, to your waistline bid goodbye

So tuck into your stuffin’, forget about your muffin (top)

And sip yo' gravy till your button goes pop

I know. It's bad. It's worse because it was a collaborative effort. But cheesy rhymes are part and parcel of OTT holidays like Thanksgiving don't you think?

You know how I know it’s thanksgiving time? The NYTimes has updated their Dining & Wine section banner. That’s how. There’s golden turkeys a plenty on every food blog, food channel, and food article on the whole wide internets with adorable titles such as That Pinch of Pumpkin and Holidays Holding Hands.

If you’re a fairly recent reader then I’ll forgive the fact you aren’t acquainted with my obsession with thanksgiving. Yes, I know, it’s when the pilgrims killed the Indians, but the holiday for me is mostly about turkey, and to some extent the time I spend food-coma-ed next to beloved friends and family.

Photo credit:  NY Times

Photo credit: NY Times

It may also be my last Thanksgiving at home, as a Tay, with an industrial-sized oven and three kitchen elves to help out with all that slicing, dicing, sautéing, and julienning that goes on this time of year. In fact, it might be my last Thanksgiving till Paul and I find a place that fits more than four people around the island kitchen that connects to the living room and also functions as a shelf and home office with a microwave that claims to be an oven! (yeah, woes of city living, buying anything larger than a box of matchsticks may prove to be more than a tad bit tricky)

But honestly. How is it Thanksgiving already? Before we know it, I’ll be married, you’ll have children and suddenly we’ll be middle aged curmudgeons. This is terrible, but I digress. Turkey. Turkey isn’t terrible at all.

So while I’m dreaming up my ultimate thanksgiving menu, taking inspiration from epic thanksgivings of yore, and pestering friends into bringing food & drink that I want to eat over, let me leave you with this. The NYTimes Essential Thanksgiving. Whether you’re new to cooking a thanksgiving meal or a seasoned chef at this most arduous of kitchen endeavours – you will enjoy the read. If not the interactive icons that are just too cute to be true!

I'm really hoping my something orange will be pumpkin pie this year. *hint hint*