And so it begins

Credit: Danon The

While I trawl through the photos and try to pick my favourites (an exceedingly difficult task mind you), I thought I'd give you all a sneak peek of the engagement party my parents threw for Paul and I earlier this month.

Paul and I are blessed to be from families who are fortunate to have many, many friends. So needless to say, our wedding day is going to be fairly large and very hectic... which made this enchanting and intimate evening all the more precious to the both of us because it gave us the opportunity to spend time with our nearest and dearest.

So to everyone who made it over, and made it back to Singapore! just for the occasion, our deepest and sincerest thanks. It meant so very much to be in the company of loved ones and friends, as we embark on the beginning of the next big step in life.

To know that we are so loved as individuals, and that we are equally loved as a (new) unit, will make everything we'll have to overcome in the months and years ahead possible.