Field Guide to a Fabulous Weekend

There are field guides to everything these days, so how about one for a fabulous weekend? 

It's tough to count the times when I've heard that worn out refrain "Singapore's so boring" ... I believe it was Marcus Aurelius who can be credited with trumpeting Our life is what our thoughts make of it, and while I fully agree with the great statesman, I will go one further and say our life, and this includes every mundane day on this tiny island, is absolutely what we choose to make of it.

So before you go on and on and on about how there's nothing to do here (and yes, I'm guilty on occasion of lapsing into it as well), here's a little field guide to a fabulous weekend, or at least what was my fabulous weekend, this past weekend. 


AM - Pop into some furniture shops

While most brides-to-be might keep busy with wedding woes, I have a great deal more fun bookmarking furniture for the future. Home making > Wedding any day. Worth checking out - Tan Boon Liat building. I've been going there for years to change my tyres, who knew they had a treasure trove full of fabby furniture finds!

Credit:  Honeycombers

Credit: Honeycombers

You can read more over on Honeycombers - a site designed by expats for expats which I think every Singaporean should read to spice up their life!

PM - Afternoon tea or coffee

It definitely doesn't have to be as fancy as the Birthday do Jenni Kayne threw, it doesn't even have to be hosted at home, but I really enjoyed having a nice cup of coffee with my girl friends for company. This weekend, we popped into Necessary Provisions in the Toh Tuck Estate. The only draw back is that they only serve lattes and variations of black coffee so unlike most coffee joints, they can't really "customize" your cuppa.

And in case you were wondering where you could read more about Jenni Kayne's beautiful birthday do which she hosted at home in her very own backyard, you'll find it over on her personal blog, Rip+Tan (named for her children, Ripley and Tanner - now ain't that cute). 


AM - Yoga Mamma

Credit:  Hom Yoga

Credit: Hom Yoga

I would have liked to spend my morning contorting myself into 26 different positions in a classroom heated to 40°C (crazy, I know), but I was sleeping. But if you're one for early mornings and intense workouts I've heard really good things about Hom Yoga from a variety of sources. And did you know that 1 hour of Bikram burns 600 calories? That's. Just. Insane. It's like, swimming butterfly for an hour (or so this website claims). Anyway, I made up for my Sunday sleep in today by waking up for a 630am 90minute Bikram session. Intensius. Maximus. But great cos it let me sweat out all those evil toxins built up from boozing for too many days in a row (since Monday was also like Saturday).

In case you're keen on trying hot yoga, Hom Yoga has a 1-week trial package for $49 that's unlimited - so you can try out the different types of hot yoga classes available to find one that suits. I'm kinda keen on it, anyone want to join me?

After the snooze I went to Church, to be a good catechumen. What is a catechumen? In my mind it always contorts itself into meaning not-quite-a-catholic-human but in actuality catechumen is someone receiving instruction from a catechist (I know, huh? what?) in the principles of the Christian religion with a view to baptism.... i.e. I'm converting to Catholicism. S U R P R i S E ! 

PM -  A Surprise! Evening Engagement Party for JxY

Credit:  Lloyd Marine

Credit: Lloyd Marine

I looooove surprise parties, hosting them and throwing them, not so much being on the receiving end of them because I am such a crazy control freak that a surprise party for me would throw me completely off balance. I honestly wouldn't know what to do with myself at a party for me which I wasn't in charge of planning, prepping, executing, and didn't know a thing about. But I love hosting and throwing them for other people! Especially when the people are some of my nearest and dearest, in celebration of their upcoming nuptials. 

D and I booked a catamaran through Lloyd Marine for a sunset cruise around the southern tip of Singapore. All in all, everyone had a mad, mad good time. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who's looking to do something different over the weekend in SG. The yachts accommodate up to 18 pax (I think), and they can even cater all your food for you (but we recommend bringing your own drink, especially if you're into boozing it up during the boat ride). We took a pit stop at St John's Island, cruised around the Marina Bay, and popped by Sentosa for the fireworks. Pretty brilliant stuff.


And that my friends brings me to the end of my field guide for a fabulous weekend!