What I learned when my iPhone went swimming

It’s the end of the first day of the first (real) working week of the year (last week didn’t count as it only had three days in it and my boss wasn’t around) and I am feeling very accomplished. I am still ahead of my tasks at work (not that it’s a huge feat since real work hasn’t truly come in), I have booked my first holiday for the year (hurrah!!), and in spite of a rather turbulent Sunday afternoon, I had a spectacular first weekend of the year with Dawn’s birthday celebrations and the wedding of Laura and Rich.

It’s funny, as a kid, everything always feels a little beyond your control, your life is dictated by the deeds of those around you (parents, teachers, overly enthusiastic aunties, tutors, dance coaches, and your friends who happen to be more persuasive than you are), your happiness a function of their actions, and you are allowed to wallow in the sense of self-pity that comes with not having things go your way even when you’ve tried your best at something. As an adult, with the expectations of the working world, your peers, bosses, friends, family, and counterparts, you’re taught to compartmentalize and get shit done regardless of what’s happened in your home or in your love life or in your workplace. In a way, it’s as if the world is telling you to get over yourself, there are things in the world far bigger, better, and more wonderful than any little blip that happens in the roadmap that is your life’s path.

This weekend, my iPhone quite literally took a plunge into our pool. 18-year-old Ashley would have gone ape-shit. Present day Ashley goes, oh, that sucks but thank god I’ve backed most of my life up to November 2012 (everything in December and early January is as fried as a side of bacon). So while it is sad that I’ve lost ALL my photos from our trip to Japan, Laura’s wedding, Dawn’s birthday, the New Year, Christmas, Mig's birthday, Paul’s birthday and so on and so forth…. It’s okay. I was there and blessed enough to have been a part of all of those events, I’ll just have to make my brain work a little harder to remember all those wonderful weekends.

YX mentioned that my “lost phone/phone died” post on facebook was the cheeriest he’d ever come across (his comment got 9 likes), the fact is that there’s really no point in letting anything (be it something or someone or an act of the universe) ruin a perfectly good thing, and this past weekend was for the most part a really, really good thing. We ate till we were bursting, drank till we were giddy, celebrated the love and lives of our dearest friends, and danced until dawn. And what, my friends, could be better than that?

And because a post without pictures is really quite boring, here’s some stolen from Andrea’s instagram of Laura and Rich getting hitched :) Isn't it just dreamy?

So here’s to a year full of wonderful weekends, and every weekend can be wonderful, if you just wish (and work) it to be so.