Baby Talk

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine (we will call her N), sent me a link to a blog along with the exclamation “I really want to have kids now!” As adorable as the little girl in the blog is, I was blunt enough to point out the glaring holes in my friend’s plan – she is technically still single (e.g., unmarried) and has not discussed this plan with the potential father of her potential child. I reminded her that it's a lot more enjoyable to read about the joys and woes of someone else's motherhood than experience it alone as a single working mom. Then again, in this day and age, is it really so bad to be a single mother? I know a few children of single parents who turned out better than the bulk of us two-parent-children. But that's another thought, for another time.

Just a few days ago, another friend of mine (we will call her X), put up a post on Facebook about being Mom Enough, which of course sent me in a tizzy because X is also technically still single (though she is engaged), and what is up with all my girl friends posting things about babies? That being said, Am I Mom Enough is a damn good read for parents and future-potential-parents.

All of this really just got me thinking: Have we reached that stage? I might have missed the memo. But then again, an old friend from high school whom I recently ran into shared the happy (albeit very early news) that she is pregnant with #2. Number T W O.

And here I am, pestering P to get a puppy so Pebbles has someone (her own size!) to play with. Clearly, I’m on the slow boat, though I have to say I’m quite enjoying this sampan ride with my main man.

That's all for my rambling thoughts this Tuesday. Perhaps we'll delve into something equally interesting on Wednesday. Shot gun marriages anyone?