My extended family

It's been said that friends are the family you have the privilege of choosing for yourself, so you ought to make the most of it. What I find amazing is that these brilliant people also choose to be with me, even though they aren't bound by any kind of obligation, blood or bond. Of the 7.06billion people on the planet, they've decided that their time is best spent with me. Some days, especially the ones when I'm insufferable, I really do find that incredible. Also incredible? That we managed to find souls like ours among the millions and millions out there. I suppose that's what religious folks would call a blessing though it seems more of a miracle to me. But that very long ramble aside, this is why we try to have our own little "family" gathering each Christmas, to remember the friendships made, rehash all the pleasures shared over the year, and celebrate that we were fortunate enough to have found each other.

It's my sincere hope that as we go on, our little gathering will grow and maybe one day we'll even have families of our own in tow. I never really thought about these things because my folks don't have family friends with kids my age, but as my friends start to couple up (for good) and settle down (first of the lot coming up in 2013!) it's suddenly become a probability! 

That of course led my brain down an entirely different track - now I want a first home with a dining table that seats at least 12 people, and I have no clue how we'll manage that given what we can afford to buy, but we'll make it happen, even if we have to perch those future potential children on the shelves. Now wouldn't that be a riot? I can just imagine Uncle Jared corrupting the kiddos and Auntie Jamie telling him off. I bet the two Js are freaking as they read this :) But it's one of those warm fuzzy feeling things.

My friends are steadily repopulating my phone by emailing me pictures, so if you're wondering why a Christmas post is coming out in mid-Jan, well now you have the answer :) Also happy that they bother to acquiesce to my inane request. 

Happy hump day everybody. Hope you have good things planned for the evening. I've got a dinner date lined up at Suprette. I am excited.