Hola Lolla!

It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it – with just 13 seats around the open kitchen, and a concept that serves everything up on small plates, Lolla proves that bigger is not always better.

Ming, the 26 year old head chef, has been cooking since he was in college. By his account, it started with weekend BBQs with the rugby team, where “we would burn everything by accident,” and after a while (through a couple of trials) he discovered he had a knack for cooking and started catering at events for friends and family. By chance, Pang Tien Hee invited him to cook at one of Lolla’s Secret Suppers – Pang loved the food, and he liked the chef, and a brilliant match was made.

Personal favourites include the Uni Pudding and the Scrambled Eggs with Bottarga (think about it! Egg on egg!), and P will tell you they do tripe beautifully. They do simple food, but they do it brilliantly. It's one of those places that lets the food, and flavours of the natural ingredients speak for themselves. No fancy sauces or reductions or roux. The specials menu was just as good as the regular menu, so you know it’s somewhere you can go over and over again as they’ll always have something new and exciting and delicious to offer.

Best of all? I loved the easy-going, very relaxed atmosphere of the place – they don’t take themselves too seriously. Good food in a fuss free atmosphere? We definitely need more of these in Singapore.

22 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069702
Tel: 6423 1228