Faith, friends, family.

This is going to seem random and out of the blue to many of you but I just wanted to say that all you need in life is faith, friends and family. Just three things. You really don't need very much more for a beautiful life. Faith that things will always work out in the long run (sometimes it seems very, very long), friends to keep those spirits up and take your mind off the troubling times, and family to support you regardless of the choice you ultimately make :)

So if you're going through a hard time, CHIN UP, and as Dory says, Keep On Swimming! Remember that you can fall back on your friends and family (they'll be there for you regardless of what gets thrown in your way), and have faith that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

And I never, ever say this out loud, much less online, but I'm hella lucky to have P with me ♥

I am 10 thousand kinds of happy, all thanks to faith, friends & family :)