A note

Hello friends! I hope everyone's week got off to a good start. It's been a little hectic on my end with the last hurrah for the summer with the siblings, lots of outings, excursions, friends visiting, my first real professional photoshoot (who knew walking could be so difficult? I am definitely not made to model!) and all that jazz. Plus a bit of a shift is coming my way (taking my own little leap of sorts one might say) so I'm gearing up for that - it's nothing too major (so don't go screaming about wedding bells and what not that's definitely not it) but I will share with you all very, very soon.

BUT what I really wanted to say today is that I am so very delighted that so many of you enjoyed the first instalment of the little interview series I'm doing. Caryn is a wonderful, charming, brilliant and bright young woman who is very, very gutsy. I'm so glad you like what she's doing, I'm so glad that sharing her story made so many of you feel like exploring the option of pursuing your passions, and I am so glad so many of you have decided to support her business! Please share her story (and the generous discount she's offering) with all your friends, because as the story goes, businesses are only as successful as the customers that back them :)

Part of my weekend was spent interviewing two more lovely young ladies with daring tales to tell, and given the recent round of feedback, I can't wait to share those with you as well. I've always enjoyed getting inside the minds of others (I do this fairly often at work through exec interviews and such), and it's so much more fun when the topic is something you enjoy personally. I would also love to know which stories you'd like to hear of young women venturing out of their comfort zones to embark on new and exciting things.

Have a lovely week everybody, and please please keep those comments, queries and ideas coming! And as always, thanks for reading!