Feasting & Beasting #4


Who would’ve thought that something as staid as tea could become the life of the party? Well, this cinnamon-apple concoction is sure to knock socks off, and folks won’t even see it coming. It also smells just like Christmas, so it’s perfect for this time of year. What you’ll need – cinnamon apple tea from Lipton (you can get this stuff at cold storage), 1 cinnamon stick, honey, and vodka. Because it’s always sunny in Singapore, I prefer to serve this drink chilled, though it tastes mighty good served piping hot as well.

A few hours before the party, place 5-6 tea bags in a jug with the cinnamon stick and fill to the top with hot water (about 5-6 cups). Stir in honey to taste (I generally put in about 3-4 tablespoons). Allow the tea to steep till it cools to room temperature. Refrigerate.

When your guests arrive, pour two shots of vodka into a high ball glass, fill to the ¾ mark with iced tea, top with crushed ice. Stir. Serve.

So simple right? Who says holiday entertaining can't be made easy!?!