In Ink

It’s actually pretty exciting to see your writing in print. Like, real print. Not the kind you print out on your own on the dodgy office printer.

I’ve got Miss KCY to thank for this a m a z e b a l l s opportunity to contribute to Harper’s Bazaar. T H A N K Y O U !


I can tell you one thing -- it isn’t easy to be a writer, like, a real one that gets paid to do it. I’ve never been so nervous to hit the “send” button in my life. Somehow when everything’s online it feels as though you can go back and undo it anytime you like, or recall the message from your sent box (unless of course the receiving end is on a blackberry then sucksforyou).

The fact of the matter is that we really don’t give enough thought to the writing, or pay enough attention to the detail, or consider the gravity of the situation because we feel as though it can be undone at the click of the “refresh” button.

No such thing in print! It’s immortal. Eternal. Grammatical errors and all, recorded forever and out in the world for everyone to see.

If you do pick up a copy of the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, you’ll find my piece on pages 148-150 (two full page spreads! That’s not bad for a debut performance eh?) Do spare a thought for the fact that it was my very first attempt at print (though hopefully it isn’t the last!) and this blogger really isn’t very used to not being able to retract things.