An entire weekend captured in food.

My mom says my metabolism will run out by the time I turn 30 (I'm pushing for 33), and plain good sense tells me that I should get on that exercise bike and beat the curve, and the doctor would probably advise me to stop eating everything my heart so desires.... but where's the fun in that. So here's a recap of my weekend - in food! And in the event you're worried for my arteries, don't worry, all that damage wasn't done by me alone.

If you're looking for breakfast in the Bay Front area, may I suggest South Coast at MBS? It's a lovely spot, quiet, under the radar, and yet to be discovered by the masses of brunch fans. Australian style breakfast options - everything from steak and eggs to granola for the health nuts. I'm a fan of the ricotta pancakes, served with a very generous side of mixed-berry compote, and they do a very good flat white (so I assume the rest of the coffee menu will not disappoint).

For the full on brunch/lunch fare, DB bistro does a really decent one, with prices coming in at a not-so-alarming $65 for the 3 course prix fixe brunch menu which comes with a fizzy drink. And by fizzy, I really mean bubbles! Because it can't really be considered brunch without the bubbles. If you prefer to order a la carte, I'd recommend the seafood pot (it has a fancier name than this but I forget what it is), the steak tartare or the duck confit. I wanted an extra side of pasta to soak up all the sauce in the seafood pot. So good! Oh, and of course, there's the burgers. Those are good too. I beg you to skip the classic DB burger and get the Frenchie instead. She's so much better.

We also had the pleasure of Paul's colleagues for company over drinks+dinner on Friday evening. We took them to Cut for the killer cocktails - She so honey, smoke & mirrors, and rough love are amongst my favourites, followed by dinner at Osteria. Sad to say, the service at Osteria that evening was less than pleasant (unfortunate as the staff normally give a stellar performance), but at least the pastas kept up their end of the bargain and held up the evening for all of us. The rabbit ragout was particularly good.

On Saturday, we did date night :) It was a major upgrade from date night 2 weeks' prior which saw us pigging out on Mickey D's on the patio at home (P really wanted to have the Samurai burger). Don't get me wrong.. I love Mickey D's... just not on date night. Anyhoos, P took me to Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse at Mohamed Sultan Road. Very, very good food. Very, very, very excellent service. Especially after the experience the evening before at Osteria. First class staff.

We kind of did date night backwards. We started with coffee at Toby's, and then followed that up with dessert. Then we moved on to the main course at Bistecca, and ordered the Fiorentina (1-1.2kg) T-bone steak to share. The Fiorentina uses Bistecca's signature Wagyu - the Holstein. The beef is organic fed with a marble score of 6+ before it is aged and then cooked over a high heat charcoal grill in the traditional Tuscan method. The seasoning is kept simple - a salt and herb rub is all that is applied to it before cooking - so that the flavours of the meat really come through at the end of it. Very tender, very juicy, and perfectly done. I'd have started clapping if it wasn't so odd.

In addition to the main course, we had a side of broccoli sauteed with anchovies, garlic and parsley, and mixed country mushrooms sauteed with garlic and thyme. I love food that's prepared simply. It means that the restaurant only uses the finest quality ingredients.

After our main we moved on to our starter, we shared the Pappardelle, another house favourite. It's prepared with wagyu beef ragout, mushrooms and saffron cheese. I thought it was delightful, perhaps some of the best pasta I've had in Singapore.

We would've moved on to L'Apéritif but I got sidetracked by the desserts again so we never made it there. After such an incredibly heavy meal that practically had me moo-ing, I opted for a single scoop of lemon sorbet with crushed almond and mint. It was the perfect note to end the evening on.

I know it seems like I'm eating as though there's no tomorrow. But when there's an expiry date to your metabolism, you've got to make the most of it while it lasts!