In the midst of all the crazy, it's good to sit back once in a while and remember to enjoy the ride.

Obsessed About Tory Burch for Vogue

It's Christmas week - hurrah! - and we're gearing up for all the eating/entertaining activities. While scouring the web for some decor ideas (so many up recently on my favourite spaces like The Glitter Guide and The Every Girl and a festive playlist from Tory's Blog) this old article by Hamish Bowles on Tory's Estate came up on Vogue. Given that the chance of living in a manse as grand as this only exists in my dreams, I'm drawing on her porcelain-blue-on-white palette for a new year's shin dig (since my Christmas palette's been thoughtfully settled by The Paper Bunny).

Photo credit: Vogue

Naiise living

The creative cats behind the lifestyle and design store Naiise got in touch a little while ago to ask me to dream up a wishlist of gifts for the host this Christmas season. I dove right in, trawling through their endless expanse of well designed yet very practical pieces.

The thing about cooking and entertaining is that as much as you want your hardware to look good, it's far more important that it's functional - and it can be a real pain trying to find say a pretty whisk that performs well under pressure yet looks good on the counter top when it's back in the holder. If you think I'm speaking greek - ask anyone who cooks, or just take a look in your kitchen. Chances are, everything's kind of industrial looking.

So I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty things Naiise stocks - like these pantone coloured bowls, vintage tins to store recipe cards, and chef-shaped bookends for those who (like me) hoard cookbooks.

Both my mom and stepmom are getting entertaining-related things this Christmas because they too love to cook and entertain and have people over. I suppose to us, entertaining and being in the company of loved ones and friends is a big part of naiise living.


Started with a big BANG with M's birthday extravaganza, the black swan opening, and all sorts of fabulous year end shenanigans like the grey goose guild. I love the holidays. LOVE! The holidays.

And in case you're looking for a space to party it up this festive season, can I recommend The Black Swan? I love the swank interiors reminiscent of the 20s and the cocktails. Ahhhh their cocktail list contains some of my favourites in town - order the golden parachute, you won't regret it.

Photo credit (if you can't already tell): The Black Swan.

The Paper Bunny

If you know me - which I am sure many of you will by now - then you'll know that I am a complete sucker for pretty prints and things and I have long wished that we had, in Singapore, our very own paperie that churned out preppy, pop coloured, and happy items for paper, print and press. So when Jaime sent the link to her new shop, you can bet you bottom dollar I shot right out of my office chair with a WHOOP and an almost-battle-like cry of joy. No joke. Scared the poor man sharing my room at work.


I am so, so, so enthused to share with you The Paper Bunny, an online store based in Singapore that crafts prints and gifts with a playful yet sophisticated twist. She's got prints which would be perfect as a hostess gift when pop in for Christmas dinner at a friend's, notebooks for the new year for work scribblings or playful musings, and cards galore to send along lots of love, warmth and kisses this holiday season.

In case you're curious about my top picks for Jaime's new space, I wouldn't mind this delightful Glitter for Breakfast print, a too-cute-for-words Christmas card in pink with gold confetti sparkles, a reminder that heaven & nature sing particularly loud and proud this time of year, a print for the (future) MR & MRS Ong to hang in our new home (once we get our hands on it), or some gift tags because there is hardly an easier way to make wrapping all those presents more fun.

Go go, shop away! Free shipping to celebrate the new opening and 10% off to boot! I've already bought myself a set of assorted christmas cards because I simply couldn't pick from so many delightful designs! So if you want a card this christmas, send me your mailing address!

Photo credit: The Paper Bunny