The wonderful thing about overseas weddings (if you’re the couple) is the fact that every single person you love and adore on this planet is trapped (marooned, if you will) in a remote location of your dreams for an extended period of time (minimally, 3 days).

The other thing is that as all your guests are unlikely to know each other as well as you do, they’re (mostly) guaranteed to be on their best behaviour… until about 11PM at night that is, when their true selves begin to emerge thanks to the confluence of alcohol and good spirits (or in the case of #Hanichola, 9PM). But good behaviour in the beginning is good! It means lots of mingling and getting to know kindred spirits... which is why they say weddings are a great place to pick up a partner. For the millennials among us, it's what we used instead of Tinder! But it has the added feature of quality-control, otherwise they wouldn't be there.

The best part of it all is that due to the isolation from everyone your guests would normally be spending their weekends with, they all have no choice but to hug it out and get to know each other (in some cases, really well). I witnessed quite a bit of hugging at #Hanichola, and it seems we're following up on those "let's get lunch when we're back in Singapore" commitments, which are very rarely followed up on after these things.

Throw into this mix of obviously awesome personalities (they wouldn’t be your friends otherwise would they?) copious alcohol, tear-inducing speeches which also included stitch-inducing-moments-of-hysterics-and-laughter (and those powerpoint presentations!), killer venue, jealousy-inducing line up of some of Singapore’s best DJs and A FREAKING GIGANTIC LIT UP RAINBOW, you know you’re about to live through (and thankfully survive!) The  Wedding  (Party)  of  the  Century (#WOTC… #WOTY is so last year).

Couldn’t have been happier spending last weekend celebrating the awesomeness that is N-PLUS-H, and getting to know ALL the people they love in this world. We are definitely all the richer for the weekend, and they are without a doubt one of those rare couples where 1+1 = 1,000,000,000.

And mad kudos props to the wedding planner (of the century!!!), Lelian Chew, for making sure all that magic happened. 

And yes, there was definitely a rainbow at the end of it.